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How to Install Tungsten Cube into Pinewood Derby Car

If you have a super-thin car and you need a lot of weight, you can’t go wrong with tungsten cubes. Because they are square, you can stack them together and created a variety of shapes .Carving out a packet in the bottom of the car is a bit more difficult than drilling hole, though,
A second option would be to design your car to only be1/4’’ thick and cut the pocket straight though the car body. Next, cut a thin piece of cardboard from a cereal box and glue it to the top of the car to cover the weight pocket. Then, install the cubes into the pocket and seal the bottom with a second piece of cardboard. Make sure you pack the cubes in tight so they can’t move, or add a little glue to stop them form moving around, Many packed will disqualify cars with weights that are loose inside the body.

tungsten pinewood derby cube pinewood derby tungsten cube
?Locating the weight pocke
Lay out the dimension for the pocket on the bottom of your car using the drawings as below. The sample shown is using rows of 5 cubes, but you can get 6cubes across the body if the car. To do this, you will need to get the corners of your pocket square

Carefully remove materia
Using a Dremel and a hi-speed-steel cutter bit, slowly remove material from the center of the pocket.

tungsten pinewood derby cube pinewood derby tungsten cube
Flatten the bottom of the pocket
Pressing the top of the cutter head into the bottom of the pocket, slowly move the bit back and forth to smooth out the bottom of the pocket.

Test fit the cubes
Install all the cubes into the pocket to make sure everything fits. Make any adjustments necessary.

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