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Tungsten Alloy Incremental Weight

Tungsten alloy has high density, small volume, high temperature resistance and more stunning properties that make it is the best choice to make counterweights. This set of 3/8" Tungsten Cylinders consists of a variety of cylinder lengths and weight. All cylinders are 3/8" in diameter. All 7 cylinders weigh 2.25oz together.  This set is great for fine tuning your car weight when cylinders are required.

Tungsten Alloy Incremental Weight Cylinder Set Includes:

  • 3 cylinders – 3/8" diameter x 10.9mm long – 1/2oz each
  • 2 cylinders – 3/8" diameter x 4.4mm long – 1/4oz each
  • 2 cylinders – 3/8" diameter x 2.7mm long – 1/8oz

Tungsten alloy incremental weight is a safe, non-toxic,environmentally friendly and it takes up less space in your car. Less space means more weight concentration in the CG area, faster building time and more speed on the track.

Tungsten Alloy Incremental Weights Tungsten Alloy Incremental Weights
Tungsten Alloy Incremental Cylinder Weights

Tungsten heavy alloy is 1.7 times denser than lead and offers more control over precise weight distribution. Place more weight in a smaller, precise area. The incremental design allows car builders to bring racers to the maximum weight allowed in exact 1/16 ounce increments. We can provide all kinds of incremental weight according to your requirements. Tungsten heavy alloy is the best material to make incremental weight.

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