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Types of Tungsten Pinewood Derby Car Weight

There are many types of metal you can use to add weight to your car, including coins, washers, and even nuts and bolts, but what is best type of weight to use. A lot depends on the type of car you’re building. Very thin cars are earlier to build with tungsten weights. Tungsten is very dense, so you can fit a lot more weight in a small space than you can with lead. Now tungsten is available in many useful shapes, making weighting your car even easier. The downsides of tungsten are you can’t reshape it and it costs a lot more ounce than lead weights.
Lead has been the classic weight for Pinewood Derby cars. It’s easy to shape and cut, and it’s cheap. But it’s also less dense than tungsten and toxic. You must be very careful using lead and it must be completely sealed inside the car if you choose to use it.

Here are some types for tungsten Pinewood Derby Car weight:

tungsten pinewood derby cube pinewood derby tungsten cube
Advantage: Very dense, Available in three weights, Fits into a drilled hole, Non-toxic

Advantage: Can adjust the weight by adding two tungsten cubes,Fits into1” drilled hole,Available in two weights, Non-toxic

tungsten pinewood derby cube tungsten pinewood derby cube tungsten pinewood derby cube
Advantage: Easy to install, Adds to the design, Available in two weights, Non-toxic Advantage: Can be molded into different spaces,,Useful to fine tune center balance,Can be used in your trim holes.

Advantage:Packs a lot of weight in a tight space,Easy to adjust your weight,Can be places very low in your car,Non-toxic

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