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Tungsten Alloy Ski Balance Weights

What Is Skin Balance Weight?

Tungsten alloy ski balance weights relate to the technological sector of skis and the associated accessories which allow optimum performance to be achieved in all the sporting disciplines of downhill skiing. More particularly, the ski balance weight relates to an assembly consisting of ski, ski-boot and associated bindings. One or more weights of variable size are mounted on the ski in order to achieve better balancing of the tungsten alloy ski balance weights and a reduction in the vibrations of its various parts caused by the fact that the pressure stresses acting on the zone of bearing contact of the ski with the snow change continually and very rapidly as regards the intensity and the point of ski balance weight application.

"upstream" and "downstream" of the abovementioned point of attachment, it is necessary to reduce to a minimum the magnitude of the masses of these parts which, as a result of the associated moment of inertia, may amplify the vibrations thereof generated during the abovementioned rotational movements and acting both individually and in combination with each other.

Thus, because of its small volume, heavy weight, tungsten alloy become a popular material for the tungsten alloy ski balance weights.

Tungsten Ski Balance Weights Tungsten Ski Balance Weights
Ski Balance Weight-01 Ski Balance Weight-02

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