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Tungsten Alloy Stud for Horse

Tungsten alloy for Sports game : TUNGSTEN STUD FOR YOUR HORSE

Provide your horse with extra grip during competitions on soft and slippery ground. Shoe thickness 8 or 10 mm. Square head 12 mm wrench, protrusion: 19 mm out of the shoe. Drill ? 8.5 mm and use a metric screw tap M10x150. Weight 21 g.

The Advantages of Tungsten Stud:

Because of the excellent properties of tungsten alloys,the Tungsten stud has good ductility,meet the requirement of professional Speed racing game,and the Tungsten Stud has a excellent durability and high-speed property.Tungsten stud can protect the horse tendon from being damaged. the Tungsten Stud can reduce the impact of the stiff race way to the hoof,so tungsten stud can reduce the burden of the hoof.Tungsten stud can be used in two sides: one is tungsten stud for horse, the other aspect is tungsten alloy stud.Unlike studs made of other materials, tungsten stud is friendly to the horse, and tungsten stud can be used for a long time.

The horse's hoofs are like the naisl of the human,they will growth counstantly.Every four to six weeks the horseshoe should be taken down to be pruned and then installed to the hoofs.If the horse work or exercise a lot ,or always walk on the stiff ground,the hoofs ware seriously,the horseshoe should be always replaced too.the Tungsten stud can extend the service life of the tungsten stud for horse.

  Tungsten Alloy Stud for Horse

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We produce different sizes and different shapes of tungsten alloy pins,tungsten stud, nails used for shoes, horses, buses, trucks, autocycle, etc.
Strict and tight tolerance at +/-0.05mm.
Grade material made by our own tungsten powder factory, thus you'll get the most trusted quality with favorable prices of tungsten stud and other products.
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