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Tungsten Copper Alloy Wire

Application of Tungsten Copper Alloy Wire

1. Graphite layer on the surface of tungsten copper alloy wire should be removed before usage. Tungsten copper wire is not suitable for contacting with iron, nickel or carbon in the temperatures higher than 1000 C. Tungsten copper wire should be preserved in dry room, in which the relative humidity should not surpass 65%, and kept away from acid or alkali atmosphere.

2. Cleaned tungsten copper wire should be preserved in dry vessels.

tungsten copper alloy wire picture tungsten copper alloy wire picture tungsten copper alloy wire picture

How Tungsten Copper Alloy Wire Is Made of Tungsten Copper?

Manufacturing tungsten copper wire is a complex and difficult process. The process must be closely controlled in order to insure the proper chemistry as well as the proper physical properties of the finished wire. Cutting corners early in the process to reduce wire prices can result in poor performance of the finished product. You can rest assured that tungsten copper wire has been manufactured to the highest standard and will perform consistently well.

Tungsten copper is widely used for manufacturing tungsten copper alloy wire and tungsten coppper wire. Tungsten copper wire has to pass through many stages from mining to been converted to the tungsten copper alloy wire. All the steps involved in the manufacturing of wires such as tungsten copper wire and PVC insulated wire are guaranteed to follow the quality standards. The very first step in the process of making special power cable is mining and crush of the tungsten copper alloy. The next step is grinding of the crushed ore in large machines that acts on it by rotating and in cylindrical manner making it a powder.

Then the waste slag is removed and the tungsten copper alloy is been concentrated. Then they are turned into tungsten copper alloy by:
1. Leaching- oxide ore are leached by a weak acid solution forming a weak copper sulfate solution.
2. Electro winning- Copper laden solution is been treated and transformed in to an electrolytic process tank.
3. Smelting- The recycled copper starts its new journey when it is re smelted. The stages of melting and purifying tungsten copper alloy finally results in ninety nine percent tungsten copper alloy.
4. Electrolytic refining- after smelting or electro winning tungsten copper alloys are migrated electrolytic alloy from one anodes to the "starter sheets" that is made up of copper foil.

Chinatungsten Online can provide tungsten copper alloy wire and tungsten copper wire as your requirements and the production of tungsten copper wire is similar to the process of tungsten wire, more infomation about tungsten wire manufacturing process.

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