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tungsten pasteTungsten is the world's 4th heaviest metal, tungsten paste is made from tungsten powder and a polymer binder. Tungsten paste is a safe non-toxic metal and more weight concentration in the centre of gravity area.

Tungsten paste is reusable and non-toxic, which is great for use in any time you would use for play or match. Tungsten is 30% heavier than lead, so a smaller amount of the material is needed to have the same benefits as lead. Tungsten paste is legal to use in areas where lead has been banned and is safe for the environment.

Tungsten paste for co-sintering with pure alumina and method for producing same
This invention relates to ceramic packages for integrated circuits, and in particular, to compositions of tungsten paste which can be co-sintered with high alumina content powder to produce integrated circuit packages.

Disclosure of Tungsten Paste Invention

We have discovered that circuit packages can be produced by using a 98% alumina substrate in conjunction with a tungsten paste to which selected compositions of glass have been added. Circuit packages produced in accordance with the present invention exhibit superior thermal conductivity, low shrinkage variability, and smoother and more homogeneous surface finish. By employing narrow size range alumina powder, shrinkage and surface finish parameters are still further improved, and sintering temperature is reduced. Further details and embodiments of the invention are described below.

Description of Tungsten Paste Specific Embodiments

We have found that a tungsten paste suitable for co-sintering with 98% alumina can be produced by adding a selected composition of glass to the tungsten paste. A preferred embodiment of the invention utilizes narrow size in the range alumina powder having a mean particle size in the range of approximately 0.3 to 1.0 micrometers with a standard deviation approximately 50% of mean. The use of narrow size range alumina particles allows sintering at low temperatures, typical of commercially available powders. Moreover, this lower sintering temperature for narrow size range alumina is achieved without the necessity of adding glass to the alumina, with its concomitant decrease in thermal conductivity. We have found that 98% alumina exhibits substantially higher thermal conductivity than does 90% alumina, regardless of particle size.

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