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Tungsten Rubber

What Is Tungsten Rubber?

Tungsten rubber, also known as tungsten fishing putty is actually a family of various resins filled with tungsten particles. The volume of tungsten is 60% but weight 96% in that putty, for rubber is light quality. Tungsten fishing putty has the properties of tungsten that is high radiation resistance, high density, small volume, environmental friendly, etc. Tungsten fishing putty also has the property of rubber such as corrosion resistance, low price, so it is widely used fishing jigs.

Usage of Tungsten Rubber

Tungsten rubber has an even higher density than lead, which is a suitable material for lead replacement applications especially for fishing jigs, for it is non-toxic and high corrosion resistance. These hooks made of tungsten fishing putty is sharp and remain so after catching many bass. This jig is meant for finesse fishing and though the hook is small the wire gauge on the 3/0 hook is plenty thick for its intended application and more. The leg can be used as a lead fly on short line czech rig, and its fly produces fish time and time again.

Tungsten rubber skirt is perfectly cut and the entire jig is made up of 200 to 220 strands. After the skirts are squarely cut the strands are then hand tied by their staff. This way tungsten fishing putty strands are placed on accurately and when in the water produces the most flare.

Pictures of Tungsten Alloy Jig with Tungsten Putty

rubber tungsten jig tungsten rubber rubber tungsten jigs tungsten rubber jig
Tungsten Rubber Jig-01 Tungsten Rubber Jig-02 Tungsten Fishing Putty-03 Tungsten Fishing Putty-04

Tungsten Rubber in Golf

Tungsten rubber is another uses of golf club area. The golf works new tungsten rubber tape eliminates the need for excessive amounts of lead foil tape to add weight to a golf club head. The tungsten rubber tape is soft, which will enhance sound and feel due to the vibration dampening qualities of the rubber compound. The flexible one will securely adhere and form to curved and painted surfaces.

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